How to Make a $1000 a Month Online – Day 10

So here we are on day 10 of How to Make a $1000 a Month Online.

Work went well, pizza for supper (gotta love it) and then it was off to the workshop to work on that shoe rack I mentioned before.

I started cutting and gluing pieces together and I pretty quickly figured out that things weren’t going to work out quite the way I thought they would.

Really made me think of yesterday’s blog post where I wrote about having a plan for your business. That doesn’t mean that plans can’t change but I think if you go off without a plan you may find it hard to achieve your goals.

Taking the time to make a plan will be time well spent.

In yesterday’s post I also said I was going to spend time writing more emails for my autoresponder series and I was going to work on my blog to make it more search engine friendly.

Well, plans change, I didn’t write any emails but I did work on my blog. Here’s why I decided to do that.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First of all I can say that reading over a few of my blog posts helped me find some glaring errors. People see errors and I think it can effect your credibility.  Really good idea to get them fixed.

To understand optimizing let’s start by saying there are basically two ways for people to find your blog.

Referral traffic – you tell people about your blog and they visit it.

Organic traffic -people find your blog by searching for a related topic in the search engines.

I want to look at optimizing the blog post so people find it organically.

No doubt you have heard of search engine optimization or SEO. I am not an SEO expert but I will tell you what I know.

Search engines are like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. People use them to find the things they are looking for online.

Optimizing is when content is written to make said content easier for the search engines to find.

There are different ways to optimize your blog post.

One way is to use “Tags” also called “Meta Tags”. By including tags in your “post setting” you are telling the search engines what your blog is about.

You will use these tags as a part of your actual blog post. When written in to the post in a natural way they can be really effective in helping the search engines find your blog.

What is not a good idea is to include keywords in your blog just for the sake of being recognized. Like don’t say , blog and blog and blog etc. just to get found for the keyword blog.

There is a science for picking keywords and I’ll look at that in a future blog post.

You can also optimize your blog by including headlines, usually the first headline is a “heading 1” and subsequent headings are marked as “heading 2, 3” or what have you.

If you are not clear what I mean you will be quickly when you start to write your blog.

Another way to optimize your blog is to include pictures or graphics that can be tagged behind the scenes.

Using links to your own blog posts is another way some bloggers help get better rankings from the search engines.

You can also included the name of your post in the content and do things like highlight, underscore or italicize or bold the text as a way of  emphasis on the blog topic. Just another way to optimize your blog.

How Many Words Should a Blog Be

Some marketers think a blog should be about 600 words.

In my opinion they should be that long to show that the blog is somewhat of an authority site on the topic the blog is written about.

Search engines love authority sites.

Another way to establish your blog as an authority site is to blog often and consistently.

The more related content the more likely you r blog will be viewed as an authority site.

How to Make a $1000 a Month Online – Day 10 conclusion

That pretty much wraps up my limited knowledge on blogging and search engine optimization.  I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert so I recommend you find someone who is.

I do know this much. If you do it right the search engines will love you and that means the potential for a lot of free traffic to your blog. That’s a good thing!

Tomorrow I am going to continue to fix up my blog so that it is SEO friendly and if I’m feeling inspired I will get back at writing my emails.

For now that’s my hour and them some.

Have a great night.

Brian J Downie

Brian is a blogger, digital entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, ClickFunnels fanatic, husband, father, son, animal lover, avid gardener, amateur chef, and car enthusiast.

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4 comments on “How to Make a $1000 a Month Online – Day 10
  1. I would really be interested in a post of yours about the steps you take to fix up your blog to be SEO friendly 🙂


    • Hi chasingchelseae, day 10 of my blog “How to Make a $1000 a Month Online” pretty much sums up my vast knowledge of seo for blogs.
      If you have specific questions ask away and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.
      In the mean time I suggest doing some research on keywords a good topic for another blog post.
      By picking blog titles that in themselves are keywords (words people search for) you are already on your way to optimizing your blog.
      Here’s a link to a free keyword tool you can use
      Have an awesome day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey chasingchelseae, I was thinking. The businesses you work for would really benefit from the stuff Dan Kennedy teaches in his book “No B.S. Direct Marketing”. I’m not an affiliate of Dan’s but I am reading his book. Good stuff! Here’s a link to his book.


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